Tea types

Black tea / Red tea
Black tea is withered and fully fermented (oxidized) in hot and humid conditions, which produce leaves that are from medium brown to black. Black tea yields brew that is from light to dark brown. It has more caffeine than green tea. In China black tea is considered to be the red tea. India-Ceylon, China and several African countries are some of the producers of black tea.

Green tea
Green tea is not fermented, and the oxidizing is prevented by just letting them wither and then dry. The leaves are from silvery to dark green in color. The brew varies from light to dark green. Green tea is second most popular beverage after water. It is produced in China, India, Japan and Vietnam.

Oolong tea
Oolong tea is a cross between black and green tea in color as well as in taste. This is created by partially fermenting the tea leaves. Oolong tea comes from China and Taiwan among other countries.

White tea
White tea produced in China and Taiwan is harvested when the buds of the tea leaves are opening and covered with white silken fuzz. It is not oxidized; the leaves are just withered and dried in fresh air. The leaves are varying from silvery white to light green, which also gives the pale color of the drink. The taste of white tea is a bit herbal and often sweet.

Yellow tea
The color of yellow tea comes from storing the tea in a dark oxygenless environment. Often some of the leaves have been mildly roasted. The color of the brew is from yellow to brown, and the taste is similar to a matured grain with a slight smoky flavor. China and Taiwan produce this type of tea.

Herbal tea
Herbal teas are not real teas, but beverages brewed like tea. Herbal teas are made from grasses, barks, fruits, flowers, and roots of many different plants and they don’t have tea leaves in them. Lately the favorite has been Rooibos, a tea made from a hardy herbal shrub growing in South-Africa. The soft taste and beautiful color, as well as the health benefits make this tea a favorite among tea drinkers.

Scented tea, aromatic tea
After drying the tea leaves they are rolled in fresh flowers, most commonly in jasmine. This can be done several times to give a strong aroma and scent of genuine flower oils.

Spiced tea
All different types of teas can be spiced with varied fruit oils, flowers, spices, herbs, and pieces of fruit to add aroma and scent to the tea.


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