New year resolution – Try new tea and Stay organized

After consuming two months’ worth of drink and a month’s worth of food within one week, it is not surprising that after the New Year and Christmas period we all swear to lose weight and be healthier over the coming year. But how many of us do it and how many of us can’t stick to our resolutions? One of the easily achievable New Year’s resolutions is drinking herbal tea. For example, green tea is believed to aid weight loss, and the antioxidants can protect your heart and blood vessels and help improve your skin.
But what should you resolve if you’re already a tea drinker?
Do not stuck on the same few teas you cycle through. This year mix it up a little more; keep the variety in your tea drinking this year.
New Year resolution idea – To try at least one new tea each month.

Stay Organized
Try and keep your teas organized according to a system that makes sense to you.  An unorganized pile of tea bags is not ideal storage. Without organization, you won’t know what you have, or when you purchased it. An organized tea shelf helps you quickly identify your options and make choices based both on your taste preferences of the day, and on what is freshest. Depending on the space you have in the kitchen you can have a dedicated tea drawer, tea stand, tea shelf or even a tea station.

tea shelf

Tea Wall

Make the Most of Wall Space. The combination of metal shelving and a magnetic board corrals spices, tea, mugs, pictures, and recipes all in one easy-to-reach place.

tea drawer

Tea Drawer

If you prefer not to have your items out on display, an organized drawer will store things nicely. Fill your tea drawer with tea, both bags and loose leaf, strainers, tea balls, honey dippers all in one drawer.

tea cabinet

Tea cabinet

Fill the bins with tea, sweeteners, honey collection, have space for tea makers. You can keep organized your loose leaf teas with lazy susan. It is easy to find which tea you want.

Overall, the best way to store tea is in a tea tins. Away from odors, moisture, light, and air, tea will remain fresh for months. If you reuse the tins, be sure to let them air out completely before refilling with a different tea to avoid transferring scent. When properly stored, your favorite loose-leaf teas can remain untainted, fresh, and enjoyable.

Shop our tea storing tins.

tea tins

175g Tea tin with air tight lid with dry erase label sticker. Write With Dry erase marker what kind of tea you have now and change it later for a new name.

50g Metal tin with chalkboard labels sticker. Write With Chalk what kind of tea you have now and change it later for a new name.


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