Missing Facebook updates from your favorite fan pages?

We can help!

If you’ve recently noticed a lack of updates from your favorite brands, bloggers, or fan pages on Facebook (or maybe you haven’t realized it until just now), it may be because of the introduction of Facebook’s new Promoted Posts.

But we can help you fix it.

To make sure you see all our promos–or any news and page’s updates–there’s a quick fix for getting all them back into your direct feed.

1. Go to our fan page, or others that you’d especially like to get updates from.
2. Click on the “Liked” button under its cover photo. (see screenshot, above)
3. Activate the “Show in News Feed” option and then you’ll go back to getting all the updates you want.

That’s it! And if you’re not a Dream Tea Boutique Facebook Fan, now’s the perfect time to change that!


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