How to Make a Valentines Day Gift Basket for the Tea Drinker



If you think about what the love of your life enjoys, it is not difficult to come up with creative ideas for a Valentines Day gift basket. Making a Valentines Day gift basket, for the tea drinker does not have to be complicated.

Choose a basket and line it with a colorful tea towel. For Valentines Day, we suggest a red and white tea towel with hearts or checks, perhaps. You can also add some red cloth napkins to the basket. You could keep one aside to cover your gift when you finish putting the basket together.

Place a teapot in the center of the basket. There are many different styles, shapes and colors of teapots to choose from. There are whimsical teapots, teapots that sit on top of teacups, teapots with floral patterns, large teapots and small teapots. Choose a teapot that fits your tea drinker’s personality and drinking needs.

If your tea drinker uses loose-leaf teas, you can add a tea ball to the basket. This is handy for straining and steeping the loose leaves.

You will want to add a small package of sugar cookies or teacakes. They go great with a cup of hot tea. To sweeten the tea, you could add a small jar of local honey and a honey dipper.

Now it is time to choose the teas. There are so many teas and tea blends to choose from. You can order blended teas online for the discriminating tea drinker.

Scatter a loose sampling of the bagged teas around the teapot and cookies. This will make a beautiful presentation of your thoughtful gift.

No matter which teas you choose your tea drinker will enjoy exploring the flavors whether the tastes are some they already have or something new to try.

Don’t forget to look for a blend of  First Kiss – India-Ceylon tea spiced with litchi oil, jasmine and peony petals and Good night kiss – Green Chinese Sencha spiced with jasmine, lychee, plum and peony.



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