Left Over Tea Leaves

Do you have little bits of loose leaf tea left in your cupboard? Don’t fret! You can use them up by making some delicious and refreshing iced tea.

Left Over Tea Leaves
How else you can use left over tea leaves

Tea just continues to amaze everyone!  Yes, indeed it is true.

You can use tea leaves to deodorize your fridge, storage containers, kitchen utensils and even your shoes! Place tea leaves in a container and place in your fridge (or sprinkle in your tennis shoes!) to absorb those unwanted odors.  This works really well in removing odors from plastic storage containers that hold those pungent foods – just sprinkle some tea into the containers, cover, and let the tea do its magic.  An important note:  After having learned about the odor-absorbing power of tea leaves, keep in mind that if you do not want your Earl Grey tea leaves to smell like anything but Earl Grey, keep it in an airtight container away from those strong odors!

Reduce humidity in your home. Sun-dry the used tea leaves and leave them in a damp corner to absorb excess moisture. Be sure to dry them outside your home, or you’ll just be wasting your time.

Soothe yourself to sleep. Stuff dried tea leaves into your pillow! According to Chinese folk medicine, sleeping on tea leaves helps reduces blood pressure, relieves insomnia and soothes headache. The only problem is that tea leaves in a pillow get damp easily, so you have to sun it frequently.

Used tea leaves can fertilize plants. Soak the tea leaves in water for a couple of days. Remove the tea leaves, (rotten tea leaves attract pests), and use the tea water as fertilizer.

Dry the used tea leaves and burn them can keep the bugs away. If mosquitoes or flies are a bother, burn some sun-dried tea leaves.

Used tea leaves can pick up dust on the floor. Scatter slightly moistened tea leaves across the floor before vacuuming them away. The tea leaves attract dust and take dust away with them.

Bathe your feet. If you suffer from smelly feet, try washing your feet in a strong brew of used tea leaves.

Have acne problems? Rub green tea leaves over your face and wash them off. It’s proven to reduce acne and it’s cheaper than other solutions.


This way you can make room for your fall favorites. For example India Chai Latte and Organic Lemon Camomile or Sunset Fruit Tea with peach and mandarin.

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