Hostess gift ideas for Thanksgiving

As you arrive at the home of family and friends, with greetings of “Happy Thanksgiving!,” what gift do you hand to your host or hostess? Or, if you’re the one hosting the big meal, what do you enjoy receiving? Do you have a clever, go-to present that’s a little off the beaten path, yet always a hit?

And while a bottle of wine gets you a checkmark, why not go for full marks and give something special. Here are a few gift ideas for Thanksgiving your host will certainly be thankful for.

Roses Bouquet


A fresh bouquet of flowers is always a lovely gift, especially if you know what the hostess’ favorite color and flower is. Cut and arrange the flowers in a vase, tie with a pretty bow, and give the whole thing to the hostess. This way she won’t have to find a vase, fill it with water, and cut the flowers in the middle of her party.

herb bouquet

Herb bouquet

In a twist on the usual hostess gift of flowers, give herb bouquets in pretty, little vases. You can find packages of fresh herbs in most grocery stores. Arrange them nicely in a small vase. You can use one variety or make a bouquet of several kinds of herbs. Rosemary, basil, sage and mint work beautifully. Your hostess doesn’t have to take time out to find a container and can enjoy the aroma and sparkle that fresh herbs give to meals for up to two weeks.


Note card

A great way to tell a host or hostess how much you appreciate their thoughtfulness is a simple note card describing how much you appreciate having them in your life. You can also include a gift card to their favorite coffee shop or store.


Homemade cinnamon rolls and specialty tea

Pair plate of homemade cinnamon rolls and a bag of specialty tea. When handing it to the hostess before Thanksgiving dinner,you can say: “you’ve cooked enough for a while — breakfast is on me”.


Wine glass tags

Hostess and guests will be happy you gifted these wine glass tags when they know exactly whose drink is whose. You can purchase wine glass charms or make wine glass tags yourself.

DIY tea bag

Custom Tea Bags

Most everyone loves hot tea and your host or hostess will likely enjoy a cup after all the guests have left. Make it more enjoyable by creating a custom blend of loose teas in homemade tea bags. Check out ideas on our Pinterest DIY tea bags board.

Make it a point to learn what you can about the recipient before you select their gift. If you’re already good friends, this is easy. But if you’re attending a party with people you don’t know well, choose some of the more generic gifts. Remember, a host or hostess gift should delight the recipient – not the gift giver.


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