Free gift with every bundle purchase


Buy Green or Black tea bundle and receive a FREE gift $6 value – Tea Filter Plastic Clip – is a smart and fun way to close tea filters.

Ideal for nearly all disposable tea filters.
For placing at at any pot, mug or cup/glass.
Easy to use plastic clips to secure the Paper Tea Filters closed and hung on the side of your mug or cup.

Every bundle include 4 Tea bags (50g each) and pack of tea filters

To make brewing process easier for you we include Tea filters – 1 cup or 2-3 cup teapot size – 100 filters per pack. These paper tea filters work equally well for use in a mug or a teapot. Simply spoon the loose tea leaves into the bag, place it in the teapot or mug, and pour the hot water over the bag. When your tea is done steeping, remove the bag. These paper tea filters have a pleated bottom and roomy size giving tea plenty of space to open fully, making for the best possible infusion.

***Holiday Special***
With every Bundle purchase ($25) you will receive FREE gift $6 value – Tea Filter Plastic Clip to hold your tea filters.

6 options available. You can leave a note about which design you like us to send.
Limited quantities available.

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