Lingonberries Health Benefits

Why Are Scandinavian Women So Beautiful – Could The Answer Be Hidden In A Lingonberry? While some believe that Scandinavian beauty is all about gens, others speculate that it might have to do something with the clean soil, fresh air, sparkling clear water or simply Scandinavian food such as lingonberry. If you wander what it […]

The Beauty Benefits of Green tea

Recent research shows that green tea extract is naturally rich in antioxidants, which help protect the body from free radicals – naturally occurring particles in the body associated with accelerated ageing and an increased risk of major diseases. Exposure to pollution, smoking and excess sunlight increases the number of free radicals in the blood, but […]

Gunpowder – tea of the week – SAVE 25% off.

Gunpowder is a variety of green Chinese tea, produced in the Zhejiang Province of China, of which each leaf has been rolled into a small pellet. Other common names are “Zhucha” in Pinyin or “pearl tea” in China. This rolling method is most often applied either to dried green tea or Oolong tea. Rolling tea […]