New tea coming soon – Milky Oolong

We would like to introduce you – Milky Oolong Forsman Tea – Traditionally produced shortly fermented sweet tasting green Oolong from Fujian county in China. Unique combination of sweetness, acidity and creaminess. The name of this tea comes from the delicate milk scent of the tea which is brought on by a sudden change of weather during […]

Russian Forsman Tea

This post is for Russian tea lovers who used to drink Forsman Tea back in Russia. Forsman is a well-known and highly-valued brand in Russia, today the company’s warehouses in St. Petersburg and Moscow serve over 2,000 stores around the country. If your favoutite tea was “Emperor’s Choice” or “Thousand and one night” back in Russia – […]

New tea for 2013

Some of our popular teas are back in stock:   Plus try new tea for 2013

Forsman Tea now available in Canada.

Dream tea Boutique brings you the finest loose tea from Europe. We are happy to offer you a wide selection of Forsman Tea – different types of teas spiced with varied fruit oils, flowers, spices, herbs and fruit pieces. • Emperor´s Choice • Wild Strawberry Cream • First Kiss Tea • Jungle Fire • Thousand […]