Butterfly Teabags

A few weeks ago, I spotted little butterfly tea bags here and immediately fell in love with them. The butterflies sit on the edge of the tea cup while the tea is seeping.

butterfly tea bags

These Butterfly Tea Bags are a novel way of enjoying your tea, especially with a friend.
If you like TEA, Butterfly and DIY crafts, then you might want to try one on those projects.

1) Butterfly Tea Bags by Craftberrybush.com

butterfly tea bag

You can create Butterfly by using Cricut, butterfly punch or cut out prints. Than place back to back, fold in the middle and cut a small slit just past half way point of butterfly, apply glue to the underside of both, place string from teabag onto butterfly and make a ‘sandwich’.

2) Butterfly Tea Bags by Yankeemagazine.com

butterfly tea bags

3) Hand Crafted Butterfly Teabags by Lindapendantedreams

Butterfly Tea Bags

4) Butterfly tea bag by Speckled-fawn

Butterfly tea bag



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