Breakfast in Bed


When you think of breakfast in bed, you probably think of a Mother’s or a Father’s Day surprise for that special man or woman in your life. Although dining in bed is a luxurious experience for the majority of us, any day can be a good day to dine in the bedroom. So if you want to treat someone you love- or even give yourself a morning break- you’ll want to know how to make the perfect breakfast in bed.

Here are some tips for making breakfast in bed extra special.

You’ll need a few items for this privileged morning meal. First, you’ll need a serving tray with legs to serve your meal on. A small vase with a single red rose is also a classy touch. You’ll also need dishes to serve the food in. Of course, you can use every day dishes out of the cupboard, but the perfect breakfast is served on china.  All you need is a dinner plate, bread plate, and a coffee cup. A linen napkin and a napkin holder would also add a special touch to the breakfast tray.

Next, you’ll need to plan your menu. The perfect breakfast in bed should include foods that your loved one enjoys. Examples of these include pancakes, waffles, eggs, cereal, bacon, sausage, fruit, toast, English muffins, et cetera. You may want to try a new recipe to make the meal even more special. The Internet is full of fancy recipes, such as Eggs Benedict, Quiches, Omelets, and many more. If you cannot cook due to time or a complete lack of culinary skills, a breakfast in bed tray can still be prepared with a little foresight. The day before visit your local bakery. Choose two or three pastries that are beautiful and have fillings you know your spesial person would like. Tarts work well because the fruit is displayed beautifully on the top. Danishes and cinnamon rolls from bakeries, instead of pre-packaged items, are made to be pretty as well. Choose different flavors and colors.

And, of course, don’t forget the favorite drinks. This can be coffee, tea, juice, milk, hot chocolate, et cetera.

Another key factor in making the perfect breakfast in bed is “perfect timing.” Now that you have the items you need to serve the meal with, and you have your menu planned out, you’ll have to decide on a time. What time are you going to spring this tasty surprise on that special man or woman in your life? The best time is when they normally wake up in the morning. Waking them up early to eat breakfast in bed may not be appreciated. Especially if they are planning on sleeping in.

Then, the night before you plan to serve the perfect breakfast, strip the bed sheets and put on clean ones. This will ensure that their eating environment will be pleasant come morning.

And finally, once you cook the meal, arrange it in an attractive manner on the serving tray. Once the tray is arranged, plan on serving it right away so the foods and drinks don’t get cold.

Making breakfast in bed for your loved one would be a nice gesture for Woman’s Day!


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